Why Samsung Galaxy A32 Should Be Your Next Phone?

When the Samsung Galaxy A32 was announced, the gadget received mixed reviews from both professional and amateur gadget reviewers. Many said they were impressed with the features and design of the phone, but others complained about the phone's performance Samsung Galaxy A32 and battery life. The phone was also said to be bulky, weighing about seven ounces (including the battery) and having a very large screen. Many people claimed that the phone's construction felt flimsy and could easily be tipped over. The review of the Samsung Galaxy A32 ultimately dropped down a few notches, however, because it quickly became apparent that Samsung has put together an exceptional device.

WELL-FIGURED Samsung Galaxy A32 An excellent combination of size and design: The Samsung Galaxy A32 comes in one of the most generous and expansive screens in the mobile industry, making it a desirable and convenient choice of mobile phone. The phone measured 6 by 3.0 inches and weighed only 7 ounces, which makes it a common weight for even a premium handset with a large 6.5 inch screen. The phone's slick, smooth design and power key navigation buttons create a visually pleasing experience, although some people pointed out that it was difficult to press the power button and that the keys on the home screen made the touch sensitive experience a little less than enjoyable. The phone didn't sacrifice the quality of sound or the quality of internet browsing, however.

MIMO facility: On the other hand, for power hungry businesspeople and multimedia enthusiasts, the ability to enjoy a fast charge time is of paramount importance. The Samsung Galaxy A32 allows for quick charge times of up to a full day thanks to a built in microSD card and fast charging capability. When plugged into a USB port, the Galaxy A32 gives users the ability to enjoy a fully charged device in less than an hour. Compared to other devices in the same category, the A32's quick charge time is especially notable. This, in turn, has helped to fuel the rise in popularity of the Galaxy A32 across different segments of the market. It's not just popular among power users, either - it's also become one of the most popular gadgets in the market for casual gadget users and gamers.

POP3 functionality: One of the best traits of this generation of Samsung smartphones is the integrated microSD card, which serves as the main memory storage for the Samsung Galaxy A32. With the availability of more than 2GB of space, users can easily store tons of movies and music, while weighing significantly less than the iPhone and HTC Evox. With its ability to multitask, users are ensured of enjoying a variety of features on the phone at one time. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy A32 allows users to browse the web, check email, play online games, and even watch their favorite videos without having to switch apps. The multi-tasking capabilities of this particular handset have made it a very popular choice among consumers.

Material Design: Just like the company's entry level smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy A32 comes with an all-metal back plate. In terms of design, Samsung has differentiated the A32's backplate from the iPhone by including two different colors - one, for Verizon and one for T-Mobile (the other being black). Since Samsung's metal backplate can be bought separately, the company has also offered two colors for its subscribers. Thus, subscribers of the Samsung Galaxy A32 can choose which one better fits their preferences.

Battery Life: While the phone boasts of being able to last for about ten hours while the browsing test was run, it did score lower when it came to battery life. Despite this slight downfall, the Galaxy A32 does remain a good option if you are looking for a phone that is durable and yet offers enough power for all of your communication and entertainment needs. You can expect about five hours of battery life on the average, though with various functions on the device you might find yourself needing more. On the other hand, the 5000 mah battery does not seem to be a deal breaker, though, and it makes up for the little battery life that the phone might lose in favor of its durability and performance capabilities.

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