List of Common AC Problems Homeowners Experience

All too often, our air conditioners stop working in the summer months. If you find yourself without excellent relief this season and your unit are not repaired yet, do not panic; there may be something simple that caused it, such as low refrigerant levels or dirty coils!

We all deserve access to refreshingly cold indoor spaces on hot, humid days like these. But, just knowing where potential problems could lie doesn’t help us solve anything unless they get checked out right away, so calling today before tomorrow becomes another day with no solution.

Homeowners are always faced with ac problems. Here are the ten most common air conditioner issues that people run into, so you can better understand why your system isn’t working correctly!

Clogged Filters

The most common reason for a filter to become clogged is that it becomes dirty. Clogs can restrict airflow through the unit, which will prevent its ability to cool down properly and cause additional problems with coils that are already weakened from sitting around without use over time – this could lead to them breaking altogether.

Changing your filter can help avoid clogged pipes and other problems. Therefore, make sure to contact certified professionals at Magnolia Heating and Cooling for all your HVAC maintenance and installation needs.

Thermostat Settings

Thermostats are used to measure the temperature of current air and then work their magic by changing it according to your preference. If you have a faulty thermostat sensor, ensure that they’re in position before turning on any heat or cooling system.

If not properly attached at all times, accidents can happen, such as knocking them out of their usual spot, which will cause an inaccurate reading.

Refrigerant is Low or Leaking

To ensure that your air conditioning system is operating at peak efficiency, you must check the refrigerant levels in each hose. If there are shortages or excesses, this will negatively affect how well everything works together and may lead to undercharging accidents like what happened when someone installed them without charging for enough hours first.

You could leak into the refrigerant system and not even know it! Leaks are harmful to both your environment and potential for poisoning from leaking gas. Call an expert so they can fix this right away before any more damage is done, or better yet, prevent future headaches altogether by repairing these leaks now rather than later on down the line.

Leaking Air

Since many homeowners use wind units as part of their air conditioning systems, it’s essential to ensure that the seals on these windows are in good shape. If they’re not and you start noticing coolant seepage from your system at night, or when it’s hottest during summer days, there could be a problem with broken glass installed, which would allow heat inside along with w/other issues such as.

Dirty Registers

If you don’t regularly clean your registers, the air going through is dirty and battle dust. This makes for an extra workload on top of what’s already there!

The most common problem with the air conditioning system is often just a simple fix. Vacuum your Hoover and get rid of any debris built up to ensure smooth operation for years down the line.

Frozen or Dirty Coils

Keeping your air conditioner filter clean is essential for ensuring that coils stay in good shape. However, even if you change it regularly and keep things running smoothly at home by keeping the entire refrigerant, it will still find its way into the system over time – causing problems with freezing up or other costly repairs down the line!