Wrong Ways Of Protecting RoofsFrom Storm Damage

Protecting the rooftop is the ultimate priority of every house owner; they do their best to protect their lifetime investment by using different ways. But what if these protecting ways turn into a disaster?

In the past, some traditional ways like brick and clay materials were used to maintain the rooftop’s quality. Since a new era has done great to the roofing field, All Seasons Roofers says because of the new advancements have been made. People used to prefer these modern ways to ensure their rooftop’s quality. You might have used some protecting ways for your roof’s quality but doing it right is the most important.

So, before going for any protective ways, you must consider going through the list of worst ideas for protecting your roof. This post may help you choose the best roof protection idea. That is why we listed some worst ideas for protecting your roof. This article is the complete guide about the said matter.

Worst Ideas For Protecting Your Rooftop.

Are you protecting your roof via some unique ideas? You get it right that the lifespan of a material depends on how you protect it, but if the protection is not right, it may contribute to damage. So before going for any protective way, check whether it is good for the rooftop quality or not. Here are some worst ideas for protecting your rooftop that you should not take in any way;

  • Using pressure hoses for cleaning the debris
  • Giving semester checkups to your roof
  • Ignoring tree stretches
  • Ignoring the small damages
  • DIY cleaning methods
  • DIY installation process

● Use Pressure Hoses To Clean The Debris

Your roof might accumulate leaves, debris, and other waste materials, so it needs to be cleaned well. Many prefer using pressure hoses for cleaning; using the pressure hose is good for sidewalks but not for roof cleaning. If you ever use it, you might have noticed that the pressure hose also pulls out the shingles material with the debris.

Professionals do not find it right for the quality of shingles as it may lead to damage. But if fungus and algae grow over the roof, you can use the pressure hose, but the pressure should not be too strong to damage the shingles.

If the roof material is nonmetallic and cannot bear the pressure of hoses, professionals recommend using chemicals for the cleaning process. Use the chemicals and mix them with water, spread the water over the rooftop’s surface, and let it be for some time for the full cleaning.

● Giving Semester Checkups To Your Roof:

If you are cleaning the rooftop after the spring or summer, and you think you did it right to protect your rooftop. You are mistaken; professionals recommend visiting the rooftops regularly so that if you spot any damage, you can clear it immediately without going for the worst.

While cleaning the rooftop after six months, you might have realized that the rooftop is home to rainwater, debris, and leftovers. Small animals also find the accumulated rooftop with debris as a better living place. Your roof requires regular inspection because If you do not check your roof regularly, algae and fungus might grow over the rooftop causing damage to the roofing material. So, to avoid the worst situation, visit your rooftop regularly.

● Ignoring Tree Stretches:

Are tree stretches hanging over your rooftop? If it is, yes. Hanging branches are a threat to your rooftop. So you must be wondering how a hanging tree over the rooftop can cause damage to your rooftop.

The hanging branches can damage asphalt and shingles. The leaves fall off over the rooftop directly that causing debris accumulation. In the case of stormy weather, the tree may fall over your roof, which may cause its walls to shake.

● Ignoring The Small Damages:

If you spot any small damage to your roof, you ignore it continuously. It is alarming. Small damages can contribute to a big fall. So, before it leads to mega damage, clear it at once when you find it. As quoted, one stitch saves nine.

● Diy Cleaning And Installation Methods

For cleaning, many use different chemicals for quick results, which may damage the rooftop’s quality. The chemicals can change the material’s outer surface, like its color. So, before using any chemical to wipe out the debris must consider contacting professionals to determine whether that chemical is suitable. For the installation, many people tend to do it themselves, but it may be turned to destroy the rooftop’s structure. To avoid the worst, consider hiring the best who knows how to do it.


Different protection ways are used to ensure the rooftop’s quality, but finding the right can be daunting. Here we have discussed the worst ideas to protect your roof. Therefore, you can avoid them all to keep your roof protected for a long time!